Dear Church Family,

This week is our Annual Congregational Business Meeting and Potluck. Rebecca emailed everyone an e-copy of the Annual Meeting Packet, but there are also paper copies available at the back of the sanctuary. We hope that everyone will attend the Annual Meeting.

The Serving Teams will be setting up for the Potluck Luncheon during the Sunday School hour, so we will not have Adult Sunday School. All other ages will have Sunday School as usual.

Sunday is also the final opportunity to sign-up for “Transforming Grace”, the Winter Reading Book for discussion on Saturday 3/9/24. We will have the Breakfast and Discussion for “Margin” on Saturday 2/10/24 @ 9:00 AM.

Thank you, everyone who came out for the Nursing Home Worship Service on Sunday! It was wonderful having our people there to worship with and love on the nursing home residents!

This Wednesday we have Flourish @ 6:00 PM.

God bless!

Pastor Gary