February Missionary Focus

Dear Church Family,

Thank you again and again for making Joanne Anderson’s Funeral Services a blessing for Joanne’s family and friends. Thank you, serving groups and Idha, for a wonderful luncheon. Thank you, Jacob, for running the sound and streaming the service for those who couldn’t attend. And thank you, Shannon, Galen, and Julie, for beautiful music.

This week’s Flourish is our “First Wednesday of the Month Missionary Prayer Focus”. After supper, we will spend time in prayer for PC Verghese and then hear about a historical missionary, William Townsend. We hope you’ll join us! Also, as a plea, we still have several Flourish Meals unclaimed for the remainder of the season. If you would be willing to provide a meal for 30-40 people, we would be deeply grateful!

On Saturday (2/10/24) @ 9:00 AM we will have the Breakfast and Discussion for “Margin”. Those who ordered “Transforming Grace” should have picked up their copy. We will have the final Breakfast and Discussion for “Transforming Grace” on Saturday 3/9/24.

I will be on vacation 2/14/24-2/21/24. If you have any needs in my absence, please contact Rebecca Bakke, one of our Deacons, or a Board Member, and they will serve you well.

May you live in the confidence that Jesus is the Son of God and has all authority to atone for our sins and lead us in the paths of righteousness!

Love you all,

Pastor Gary

Upcoming Services for Our Sister Joanne

Dear Church Family,

Our big focus this week is the Funeral Services for our dear Sister, Joanne Anderson, on Friday (2/2/24). There will be a private time for the family @ 9:00 AM, Visitation @ 10:00 AM, and the Funeral Service @ 11:00 AM. We will not be doing the graveside service until spring, so the luncheon will immediately follow the Funeral Service. We will set up tables for Idha and the Serving Team after Flourish on Wednesday and Idha has a group decorating Thursday afternoon. Thank you, everyone, for helping prepare to honor Joanne and support the family!

We will have Flourish on Wednesday (1/31/24) @ 6:00 PM. As mentioned above, we would appreciate help setting up tables and chairs after Flourish so everything can be decorated on Thursday for the funeral.

I will order "Transforming Grace" today. We will have the Breakfast and Discussion for "Margin" on Saturday 2/10/24 @ 9:00 AM.

God bless.

Pastor Gary

Upcoming Annual Meeting

Dear Church Family,

This week is our Annual Congregational Business Meeting and Potluck. Rebecca emailed everyone an e-copy of the Annual Meeting Packet, but there are also paper copies available at the back of the sanctuary. We hope that everyone will attend the Annual Meeting.

The Serving Teams will be setting up for the Potluck Luncheon during the Sunday School hour, so we will not have Adult Sunday School. All other ages will have Sunday School as usual.

Sunday is also the final opportunity to sign-up for "Transforming Grace", the Winter Reading Book for discussion on Saturday 3/9/24. We will have the Breakfast and Discussion for "Margin" on Saturday 2/10/24 @ 9:00 AM.

Thank you, everyone who came out for the Nursing Home Worship Service on Sunday! It was wonderful having our people there to worship with and love on the nursing home residents!

This Wednesday we have Flourish @ 6:00 PM.

God bless!

Pastor Gary

This Week @ Kennedy Covenant

Dear Church Family,

I hope you are surviving the "deep freeze"! The good news is it shouldn't last too long. Hopefully it will feel better by this weekend!

This week we have Flourish on Wednesday (1/17/24) @ 6:00 PM and I have the Hallock Nursing Home Worship Service on Sunday (1/21/24) @ 2:00 PM. I would love to have the church help with the Nursing Home Worship Service and be there for Norella. Currently, I understand that people can go into the Nursing Home with a face mask.

The sign-up for the fifth Winter Reading Book, "Transforming Grace", will be available until Sunday 1/28/24. We will be having the Breakfast and Discussion for "Margin" on Saturday 2/10/24 @ 9:00 AM.

Please continue praying for prayer concerns listed in your bulletin.

May we embrace the healing that Jesus offers us in every area of life!

Love you all.

Pastor Gary

January Missionary Focus

Dear Church Family,

Thank you, everyone who helped put away our Christmas decorations! The New Year is off and running! I also want to thank all of the Board Leaders who submitted Annual Reports to Rebecca for our 1/28/24 Annual Congregational Meeting. Thank you, Rebecca, for getting the Annual Meeting Packets prepared for us too!

This week we begin the second "semester" of Flourish with a focus on prayer for our supported missionaries, Steve and Casey Widner. Join us for dinner @ 6:00 PM on Wednesday (1/10/24) and we will hear from the Widners (they have prepared a wonderful video for us!) and then hear the story of Brother Andrews and enjoy an evening of intergenerational fellowship.

There is a sign up sheet for our fifth Winter Reading Book, "Transforming Grace", available at the back of the sanctuary. If you signed up for "Margin", you can pick up your copy on the shelf by the stairs in the Foyer. We will have the Breakfast and Discussion for "Margin" on Saturday 2/10/24.

Please continue to pray for prayer concerns brought to our church family.

Let Jesus be Lord of all things at all times!

Love you all.

Pastor Gary

Happy New Year

Dear Church Family,

Happy New Year! May God richly bless you as you begin a new year full of possibilities!

I want to thank everyone who made our Christmas Celebration so special. I won't list names because so many wonderful people shared so many wonderful gifts, but I am grateful to everyone who helped with the Advent Candles, Scripture Readings, Music and Audio/Visual! This Sunday we should probably conclude our Christmas Festivities by putting the Christmas Decorations away, so, if you have time to help, please plan on helping.

The next BIG thing is our Annual Meeting and Potluck on Sunday 1/28/24 after the Worship Service. Board Members need to submit their Annual Reports to Rebecca by this Sunday so she can assemble the Annual Meeting Packets. We hope all members will make it a priority to join us for this important Congregational Business Meeting.

There is NO Flourish this week to allow our kids to get back into the school routine after a nice Christmas break, but we will begin our normal Flourish schedule Wednesday 1/10/24. With the new semester of Flourish also comes the need for volunteers to provide Flourish meals. If you are willing to provide a meal, please sign up at the back of the sanctuary.

I have received the books for everyone who signed up for the fourth Winter Reading Books, "Margin," and I will have those out to pick up any time this week. The Breakfast and Discussion for "Because of Bethlehem" is Saturday 1/13/24 @ 9:00 AM. The sign up sheet for our fifth Winter Reading Book, "Transforming Grace" by Jerry Bridges, is now available at the back of the sanctuary.

We will resume our normal Sunday schedule this week with Sunday School @ 9:00 AM and Worship @ 10:00 AM. There are plenty of opportunities to sign up to provide Fellowship Snacks for Sundays if you are interested.

May God bless you and keep you and cause His face to shine upon you!

Love you all.

Pastor Gary

Merry Christmas

Dear Church Family,

MERRY CHRISTMAS!! We are less than a week from Christmas Day and I pray that everyone is excited and looking forward to celebrating the birth of our Savior!

A standing ovation goes out to our kids for a wonderful Christmas Program Sunday! Thank you, C.E. Team, for leading our children in the Proclamations of Christmas!

Our final "official" Christmas celebration as a Church Family is our Christmas Eve Service on Sunday (12/24/23) @ 4:30 PM. Thank you, everyone who has agreed to light Advent Candles and read Scripture for our traditional Christmas Eve Candle-lit Service of Hymns and Scripture! Please note that we will not have any Sunday Morning Services so our whole Church Family can celebrate Christmas Eve together @ 4:30 PM.

After our Christmas Eve Celebration, Kelly and I will be taking some time to celebrate the holidays with our families. I will be back in the office next year (1/2/24), but if you should need anything in my absence, you can contact Rebecca Bakke for information, one of our wonderful Deacons for prayer, or Jacques (Church Chairman) or Josh (Church Vice Chairman). May God bless and keep you all through this holiday season!

This Sunday is the final day to sign up for the fourth Winter Reading Book, Margin. I will try to get that ordered right away so everyone can have that book early in the New Year. We will have the Breakfast and Discussion for "Because of Bethlehem" on Saturday 1/13/24 @ 9:00 AM. I will also have the sign up for the fifth Winter Reading Book, "Transforming Grace" by Jerry Bridges available starting this Sunday.

A reminder to the Board that Annual Board Reports are due to Rebecca by Sunday 1/7/24. The Annual Meeting and Potluck is Sunday 1/28/24.

Finally, we will start Flourish again on Wednesday 1/10/24. Thank you, everyone, who has made this past semester a success! The Flourish Supper sign up sheet is available at the back of the sanctuary for our second semester Flourish Meals. Please sign up if you are able to provide a meal in the New Year.

Please continue to pray for the concerns in our Sunday bulletin.

May you know Jesus as King, Priest, and Sacrificial Lamb this Christmas!

Love you all.

Pastor Gary